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Connecting One Mama At A Time

These are not your typical mom and baby programs. They will change your life, they will make you feel things, they will wake you up and help you love yourself. They will educate you and connect you where you need to be. They help you to build real relationships with other mothers and caregivers and to have real-deal ‘I didn’t know being a mom meant all of this’ conversations.

These programs will help you connect with like-minded mamas in your community in a safe and inviting space. They are designed to educate you – the mama – on a multitude of topics that you need to know about, such as breastfeeding and feeding options, how to cope with postpartum feelings, how you can stop peeing when you sneeze, how to build up a healthy immune system, how to handle different relationships in your life, why you need to pay attention to self-care, and the ever-present ‘mom- guilt’. All of these topics and more help you to be all-in when it comes to being the right kind of mom that you want to be.

I invite local practitioners, service providers, and community groups to join our groups to share with you their area of expertise. 

Someone calls you mama and that someone needs to you be all-in. Our programs help you do that. Pre-register now for our next round of programs.

Mama n’ Mini’s

New Session: ON PAUSE

Age Range: 0-Moving | Program Length: 6 weeks | Cost: $145

City: Oakville, ON | Location: The Poppy Clinic

Have you recently had a baby? Whether it’s your first, second, or third, each new baby comes with it’s own set of joys and challenges. During this 6 week program we will dive deep on topics with local health practitioners, sample local mommy and me programs, and learn from mom and baby educators. The topics are very targeted to your personal wellbeing, helping you to understand the importance of yourself in the mom and baby relationship. You will be able to develop friendships and trust with other mamas who are going through – or have already gone through – similar situations as you.

Sometimes all we need is to feel validated in our decisions or feelings. Hearing someone say “I feel the same. That sucks. I’ve been there. You aren’t alone. I’m here for you. How can I help?” can have such a tremendous impact. Building up your circle of support is an important part of motherhood, and we are here to support and help you grow that circle in our parenting journey, one mama at a time!

Mama n’ Movers

New Session: ON PAUSE

Age Range: Approx. 8-15 months | Program Length: 6 weeks | Cost: $145

City: Oakville, ON | Location: The Poppy Clinic

 Has your little sweet pea started to do more than wiggle? Momming changes the moment they are mobile. This 6 week second stage program incorporates activity to engage your little one while the content focus expands to cover both your needs and that of your rapidly developing baby. Just like the Mama & Mini program, local health practitioners and mom and baby educators join us to explore topics that are relevant and important to you. You will also have the opportunity to sample local parenting programs that are perfect for busy little ones.

This program allows you to come in, relax, engage, and build up your mama tribe. Participate in conversation, build trust, and feel a sense of community with women who are going experiencing similar situations as you. Anticipate real conversations, be prepared to be real and honest, and expect to walk away from each session feeling like you aren’t going through this motherhood journey alone.

Field Trippers 

New Session: ON PAUSE

Age Range: Approx. 18 months – 3.5 years | 

Program Length: 6 weeks | Cost: $125

City: Oakville, ON | Location: New location each week

Navigating toddlerhood can be a whole new world, every day! Potty training, temper tantrums, picky palettes, and the word WHY 100 times a day. It’s a never ending rollercoaster of emotions and activities. So why not join a group who gets what you are going through? Why-why-why should you join?? The Field Trippers is an 6 week program designed to keep your toddlers moving and engaged while keeping you connected with other mamas and caregivers (Dads, grandparents, and other caregivers are totally welcome!).

Not only will we chat about all things toddler, but we’ll explore this wonderful city we live in and discover what the area has to offer for your busy little one. We will meet up at different locations across Oakville and the surrounding area every week to engage in both indoor and outdoor activities. Toddlerhood can sometimes feel a bit daunting, so why not connect with others who are navigating all the crazy emotions and activities too!

Nothin’ But Mama – Coming Soon!

Age Range: don’t matter!| Program Length: Evening Pop-Up’s| Cost: TBD

City: Oakville, ON | Location: TBD

Need a little me time? Maybe something to make you laugh, relax, and have fun? Perhaps even something to help you connect even more with your mama tribe? Stay tuned for this program dedicated to mamas and nothin’ but mamas!